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GED® Test Changing / Cambios en el examen para GED®

GED<sup>®</sup> Test Changing art 

ATTENTION! GED® Test Changing!

• All public test centers in Texas began administering a new GED® on computer in January 2014.
• Correctional test centers have been given a waiver to continue administering the old GED® test on paper.
• WSD is gearing up to begin administering the new GED® test on computer. Scores from the paper-based test cannot be combined with the computer-based test.
• If you leave WSD without taking the paper-based GED®, your only option to test will be online.

If you qualify for the GED®, take the paper-based test and pass while you still have the opportunity.


ATENCIÓN! Cambios en el examen para GED®!

• Todos los centros públicos de evaluación en Texas empezaron a aplicar una nueva versión por computadora del examen para GED® a partir de Enero de 2014.
• Sin embargo, se ha hecho una excepción para los centros de evaluación dentro de la prisión para continuar aplicando la versión en papel del examen.
• El Distrito Escolar de Windham (WSD) se está preparando para poder aplicar la nueva versión en línea del examen. Las puntuaciones obtenidas en el examen en su versión en papel no podrán ser combinadas con los resultados de la versión por computadora.
• Si dejas WSD sin tomar la versión en papel del examen de GED®, la única opción que tendrás disponible es tomar la versión por computadora.

Si estás preparado para obtener tu GED®, aprovecha la oportunidad para completar el examen así como recibir tu GED® mientras está disponible para ti en su versión en papel.


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Annual Performance Report SY15 (014-2015)

This is an exciting time to be part of Windham School District (WSD)!

We invite you to be a part of what is happening to change lives for those wanting a second chance after a past of criminal activity. Every day, more people join our efforts to change the lives of those incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. “New teachers apply for jobs, volunteers sign up to devote time and some offer free short courses, businesses inquire about hiring students on release, and many charitable service and faith-based organizations ask to partner with WSD.” Many Texans are now interested in how they can become a part of our collective effort, making Windham’s goals part of their personal mission. We are hearing these people proudly state, “We are Windham,” expressing solidarity with our common mission to facilitate positive change.

Windham’s past performance is ranked as one of the highest in the nation among correctional educational programs, but we know we must continue to improve and challenge ourselves to deliver the best opportunities for offenders to be successful upon release back into Texas communities. Windham takes pride in past performance, but I hope you can also see our efforts to be responsive to needed changes. Our staff of highly qualified and dedicated people is rising to the challenges of educating the offender population in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. By improving educational content delivery, expanding vocational training opportunity for offenders, improving behavior and choice training for offenders, connecting with businesses who employ released offenders and continually working to improve efficiencies, Windham is providing a cost-effective intervention that helps protect all fellow Texans and lowers the cost of criminal activity to the State.


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