WSD WANTS YOU To help recruit great teachers & earn extra time for yourself!

Correctional educators with Windham School District have some of the best teaching jobs in the state, and your help is needed to get this word out!  WSD is currently recruiting academic and vocational teachers for its schools statewide, and employees are encouraged to help bring in the best referrals and candidates for Windham teaching jobs.  Employees who successfully refer and recruit new WSD teachers are eligible to earn eight hours of administrative leave per hired teacher.

Holidays and breaks are a great opportunity to visit with friends, family and colleagues about coming to work for Windham! Take advantage of vacation “talk time” and recruit new correctional educators to join our team – and earn a little extra time off for yourself.

“This special referral and opportunity to earn time are now being offered year round,” says Human Resources Department Administrator Mario Cotton.  “We know that some of the best teacher referrals come from Windham educators, so we are very happy to be able to reward our staff year round for helping recruit quality classroom employees.”

For more information, contact WSD HR at 936-291-5321. Complete details concerning the process for making referrals and earning extra time off are also available at

Recruiting Tip:  To show a friend or associate who we are, click on our “We Are Windham” video link:

We want you to Refer Teachers!

Success Stories

Success Story IconNEW - I had given up on myself - "I could barely read or write and didn’t even realize I had given up on myself… a great teacher from WSD taught me how to believe in myself..."

Success Story IconNEW - I began to believe -
"I was a straight-F student, and I didn’t think I could learn anything. I had a teacher who wouldn’t give up".

Success Story IconNEW - We can learn and be successful - "My life is proof that we can learn and be successful and stay out of trouble."

Success Story IconNEW - I learned a great deal - "I really enjoyed this class and I learned a great deal. Painting and Decorating is something I always wanted to do and learn."


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Teach for WSD

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WSD in Images

An offender at the Polunsky Unit prepares for graduation after earning his GED through the Windham School District.
Vocational and academic skills are integrated in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, such as this Small Engine Repair class in Huntsville, Texas.
Offenders often experience academic success for the first time in a Windham classroom.
Auto specialization students in a West Texas prison learn auto maintenance skills, preparing themselves for future employment as professional mechanics.
Female offenders in Gatesville, Texas, study to improve their literacy skills during a WSD academic class.
Each day WSD correctional educators pass through prison gates across Texas to work with men and women incarcerated within TDCJ.