#200635 Counselor - Clemens / Brazoria / South Texas Region 01/16/2018 04:00 pm

Windham School District has the following vacancy available to inside and outside applicants:
Clemens / Brazoria / South Texas Region
Position Number:
Application Deadline:
01/16/2018 04:00 pm

The only information to be considered for this position will be in the "State of Texas Application for Employment" packet you submit.

***FOR EACH POSTED POSITION FOR WHICH YOU ARE APPLYING, you must submit copies of all documents verifying minimum qualifications for the posted position. ***You must submit a photocopy of your official transcript verifying the required course work needed for verification of minimum education requirements. WSD will no longer be able to access employee or applicant files for transcripts or other documents.

Educational Requirements:
Master's Degree and a State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) Professional School Counselor Certificate OR probationary certificate eligibility: (1) A Bachelor's degree or higher and (2) an applicant must submit a letter from the college/university with the application indicating they meet probationary certificate eligibility requirements and will be placed on a school counselor probationary certificate upon employment
Minimum Requirements for Non-Certified Applicants:

Minimum Requirements for Certified Applicants:

Special Knowledge / Skills:
Excellent oral and written communication skills with the ability to convey ideas and instructions clearly and concisely. Knowledge of school district organization, operations, policies and procedures. Skill to interpret and apply rules, regulations, policies and procedures. Ability to organize and maintain accurate records.

May supervise activities of the Testing Specialist or Testing Clerk at the discretion of the principal.

Major Responsibilities & Duties:
Identify, assess, and enroll students in programming most conducive to their educational needs. Maintain a suitable number of students per class by placing students in appropriate programs. Support district-wide goals and objectives for school and organizational climate, and comply with district policies in the placement of students. Counsel students regarding educational decisions and disseminate program information. Maintains status as General Educational Diploma (GED) examiner, and coordinate the unit testing program, including but not limited to GED, educational achievement (EA), and vocational testing, as warranted. Develop working relationships with teachers and assist them in effectively addressing student misconduct. Assist the principal with the provision of staff development. Serve as representative of administration, as appropriate, for Admission, Review and Dismissal committees and any other committees determining student placement. Serve cooperatively with unit TDCJ administration and staff. Attend and participate in staff development provided by the district and other agencies. Maintain confidentiality in handling sensitive information received in the performance of the job duties. Perform duties in a professional manner through daily, punctual attendance at location of work assignment. Follow Windham School District policies and procedures in completing assigned job duties. Execute duties in a professional, ethical and responsible manner as defined in 19 TAC Chapter 247, Code of Ethics and Standard Practices for Texas Educators.

Other Information:

The only acceptable application is the Supplement dated 04/17 and the State of Texas Application dated 09/09. These may be obtained through the Windham School District Human Resources Department or the Windham School District website at http://www.wsdtx.org/careers/how-to-apply

* Outside applicants will be required to submit to pre-employment drug testing as a condition of employment.

Applicants who are ERS or TRS Retirees or Retirees from Correctional Managed Health Care are required to write "ERS/TRS/CMHC" at the top of the application form.

All outside applicants must submit "The State of Texas Application for Employment" and the "Texas Department of Criminal Justice Employment Application Supplement", along with all supporting documents, to the WSD Human Resources Department. The completed application packet should be hand-delivered to the WSD Human Resources Office, or sent by mail to: P.O. Box 40, Huntsville, TX 77342-0040 or overnight delivery to: 802 FM 2821 Huntsville, TX 77320. Applicants may fax an application to fax #: (936) 436-4823 to reach the WSD Human Resources Office by the closing date and time. Applicants who do so are requested to fax **ONLY** their "State of Texas Application for Employment", Applicant Contact Information form (HD-100) and verifiable typing score if required. Applications faxed to another fax number will not be accepted. It is the applicant's responsibility to verify receipt of all faxed documents by calling (936) 291-5322. WSD employees and all applicants with a current WSD application on file must submit the "State of Texas Application for Employment" and all supporting documents for each posted position to WSD Human Resources Office by the closing date and time. The application must be filled out entirely and must include a signed EEO form.

Interested applicants may contact Windham School District, Human Resources Department, P.O. Box 40, Huntsville, Texas 77342-0040; or call (936) 291-5321. You may download an application from the Windham website http://www.wsdtx.org/careers/how-to-apply

* * No telephonic interviews will be allowed. * *

WSD is an equal opportunity employer

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