Counseling, Testing and Records

WSD employs certified counselors to provide a comprehensive guidance program. The counselors provide program information to potential students and enroll eligible students in appropriate educational programs. Counselors maintain career information centers, provide career guidance activities, and assist offenders with the development of career path plans to enable them to make informed educational and occupational choices. In addition, counselors coordinate the administration of standardized educational achievement tests and coordinate and administer the GED tests. They also assist students in developing problem solving skills, communication skills, self-awareness, and stress coping abilities.

Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE) are administered to all incoming TDCJ offenders to determine each offender’s educational level. In addition, offenders enrolled in WSD academic programs are tested periodically throughout the school year to monitor student progress. Offenders also participate in an assessment of vocational aptitude and interest prior to enrollment in Career and Technical Education programs.

Windham serves as a testing center for the General Educational Development (GED) program.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions and more information on how to Request Educational Records (GED, Transcripts, NCCER Industry certificates).

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