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FAQs for Applicants/Substitute Teachers

FAQs for Applicants/Substitute Teachers

Windham employs eligible, qualified retirees if the district is exempt from paying
the employer pension surcharge in full-time and part-time positions. Typically,
these are individuals who retired from the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) on or
before September 1, 2005. Each TRS retiree is responsible for being
knowledgeable of and adhering to TRS rules that may affect their retirement

No, Windham does not sponsor H1B petitions for employment.

Yes. All applicants for positions requiring certification must be certified by the
State Board for Educator Certification or be eligible for permit. This includes
teachers, counselors, librarians, diagnosticians and principals.

Yes. Typically, Windham positions require full-time employment. However, some
campuses may require the services of a teacher or other staff member on a part time
basis. Part-time employees would be compensated at one-half the rate of a
full-time employee in terms of salary, insurance and earned leave.
Individuals who retired from TRS on or before September 1, 2005 may be eligible
for part-time employment without forfeiting their retirement annuity.
Please note part-time employment on the top of your application if you are
interested in being considered for a part-time position.

Yes. TRS membership is a requirement of employment. However, because a TRS
retire will not earn additional TRS service credit, a member contribution will not be
taken from the salary of a TRS retire.

The Windham School District provides health insurance for its employees. The
state pays 100% of the health insurance premiums for full-time employees and
50% of the dependents premiums. The state pays 50% of the health insurance
premiums for part-time employees and 25% of the dependents premiums. Other
benefits include optional dental and life insurance, TexFlex reimbursement
accounts and 403b plans.

The first of the month following the 90th day of employment.

There is no “closing date” for teaching positions. However there are cycles of
interviews. When a position becomes available, applications are gathered for all
“qualified applicants” who have expressed an interest for that geographical area.
Principals must interview and respond whether each applicant is selected or not
selected, before other applicants are considered. Once a selection is made, the
position is closed.

Every year or when you need to add or change information such as contact or
certification information.

No. The State of Texas application is a requirement for our District and is the
document used for interviews. Resumes may be brought to an interview for
additional information.

Yes. Feel free to contact the principal of the prison facility for which you are
interested in applying. Work site visits are strongly encouraged. Keep in mind that
prison facilities vary in mission, atmosphere and operation. Therefore, you may
want to visit each facility that you are applying with.

Yes, the Human Resources Office will send you a letter if you applied and
interviewed for a position.

When a position becomes available, a list of qualified applicants (with a complete
application on file) is generated. The applicant is contacted by Human Resources
to determine if there is still interest in a position. Applications for applicants who
express interest are sent to the campus principal. The principal makes all
arrangements and conducts the interview. Then, the principal submits
documentation indicating whether a selection was made from that group of
applicants. If a selection was made, then Human Resources will process the
recommendation and make the final offer of employment. Employment offers may
be delayed for applicants who have not submitted original transcripts or school
service records per the application checklist.
If a selection was not made, then any applicants who may have submitted or
completed applications after the first group of applications was sent to the principal
will be contacted to determine interest.

The length of time that it takes to hire an applicant varies for each person and
position. You are encouraged to track available positions on this website in order
to ensure that you are being considered for all positions for which you are
In addition, you will be contacted if required documentation per the application
instructions was not supplied. Although you may interview, you must still provide
all required documentation in order to be fully considered.

Yes. Substitute teachers must have a completed application on file in the WSD
Human Resources Office, have full clearance and Substitute Teacher Orientation
Training before they are placed on the approved substitute list.

You must have at least a high school diploma or GED. Persons on the approved
substitute list with a teaching certificate or a degree from a four-year college or
university in an area Windham teaches will be used first on the list.

Substitutes are paid $90.00 for a full day. They are paid at the end of each month
for the previous month’s work