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The City of Austin has named January 15 as Windham School District Day

The City of Austin has now named January 15 as Windham School District Day

Be it known that
Windham School District, established in 1969, furthers its mission of providing educational opportunities, and dedicates its resources to empowering incarcerated men and women in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to transform their lives through academic and job training; and
Windham School District offers literacy classes and more than 40 vocational programs to approximately 63,000 adult men and women learners annually to guide them in achieving a high school equivalency certificate, as well as industry-recognized workforce certifications. Knowing the challenges former inmates face when seeking employment after release, the district makes it a priority to help students develop the soft skills, knowledge and confidence needed to successfully re-enter job markets and society, as well as families; and
The District is partnering with Austin businesses and aligning its certified men and women students that are returning to Austin to gain employment. The City of Austin commends and congratulates Windham School District for its commitment to enhance the opportunities for former inmates and extends its best wishes on a rewarding event;
Now, Therefore,
I, Steve Adler, Mayor of the City of Austin, Texas,
do hereby proclaim
January 15th, 2019
Windham School District Day