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Windham Diagnosticians, Regional Principals, group of Counselors attended Motivational Interviewing training

In February 2019, the Windham School District Diagnosticians, Regional Principals and a select group of Counselors attended Motivational Interviewing training attended Motivational Interviewing training in Huntsville, TX. Motivational Interviewing attempts to help students make decisions that will positively impact their lives. It is used for eliciting behavior change by helping students to explore and resolve ambivalence. Through this training the diagnosticians sharpened their skills in helping students become more focused and goal-driven. Motivational Interviewing is based on five general principles:

  1. Expressing Empathy
  2. Developing Discrepancy
  3. Avoiding Arguing
  4. Rolling with Resistance
  5. Supporting Self-Efficacy





In partnering with TDCJ, Sanchez State Jail staff recently received the same motivational interviewing training as Windham staff. Motivational interviewing includes working with students to resolve ambivalent feelings and insecurities to find the internal motivation needed to change their behavior.

Yvette Salinas, an independent contractor, also led this training, which included lectures, breakout sessions and hands-on activities.