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Celebrating Success: Steve Golden

Celebrating Success: Steve GoldenAfter bad decisions put him behind bars in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Steve Golden realized that a path to success could be in the cards if he started making better choices.

Equipped with knowledge and skills he gained in Windham School District (WSD) classrooms, Golden finds himself today as the owner and operator of a Houston-based moving company. Additionally, he is also working for an international moving corporation.

It takes hard work and dedication, Golden said, to restart a life and reach lofty goals like owning a company, having a home and a being a part of a happy family. Golden knows firsthand that it is possible to attain "everything that you've ever wanted on the other side of the [prison] gate. It takes ‘blood, sweat and tears,''' he added, "but the cost is worth it should you stay the course." Golden said he wouldn't be able to help families move into new homes and businesses into better locations without the training he received at WSD.

"Cognitive Intervention taught me to process my thoughts and address issues from an emotionally level head," Golden said of the courses he participated in at Windham. "Life Matters taught me about the simple principles of living life on life terms from a civilized place of accountability," he added. "My GED© [High School Equivalency] showed me that I could do anything if I put my mind to it and paved the way to other academic successes," he said.

In order to have a bright future upon release from prison, Golden invested in the education and skills training he received. Besides gaining skills, Golden also learned plenty of intangibles that allowed him to gain the confidence needed to succeed in life.

"I learned that I was intelligent and seriously underdeveloped," he said. "The most important thing I learned was how to go to school again for the sake of life. How to study, learn and seek help healthily."

"I believe I learned how to integrate back into society," Golden added. "Things like regular conversation, exchanges of ideas and relational harmony helped to teach me how it could be once free."

Golden works for an International moving corporation, as well as owning and operating Golden Rule Relocations, a moving company that services Houston and the surrounding areas.

With prior experience as a mover before his incarceration, the education and training he received at WSD enabled Golden to take a leap into entrepreneurship.

"I believe that coupled with my moving experience and customer-service skills, the market is wide open for me to do this," Golden said. "I also love being able to connect with the customer as we ensure the safe transport of their items."

"I believe I was gifted to do this. And since I am walking in that giftedness, my cup is overflowing from maximum capacity. This is a gift from God. He has always allowed me the knack for certain skills of communication and it shows up abundantly in business and work."

Golden got another shot at success after completing the Windham programs. It is up to him now, Golden said, to stay on the right path and continue making wise decisions.

"I'm responsible for more than just me now," he said. "People depend on me to stay away from the madness, live life right and honor them with my integrity. Before Windham, I didn't have a real awareness of that kind of healthy dependency. I do now."