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WSD volunteers offer specialized skills, talents, experiences, and resources to assist educators in creating a culture of continuous learning. During SY18, WSD administration had oversight of more than 450 volunteers. These volunteers provided nearly 4,300 hours of assistance, serving about 7,800 offenders. Volunteers serve on advisory boards and committees and in academic, vocational, and life skills training.

Volunteers’ activities and input help students receive the support they need to achieve in numerous education and reentry areas. Volunteers from business, education, and state agencies participate in WSD programs by meeting with offenders and staff to discuss current aspects of the job market and reentry resources. They serve as presenters at WSD job expos and reentry services expos, and offer current information about employment, hiring practices, workplace skills, and available community reentry resources. Volunteers also serve as inspiring graduation speakers, sharing their experiences and motivating offenders to continue to rewrite their lives and successfully connect with families, employers, and communities. State legislators, community leaders, local businesspeople, and even former students continue to inspire current students to change and prepare for successful lives.

Correctional education volunteers:

  • Provide literacy and language tutoring.
  • Offer assistance with specific activities and programs.
  • Promote personal growth and development.
  • Serve as positive role models of citizenship and service.


For more information on volunteering for Windham, visit TDCJ Rehabilitation Programs Division's Volunteer Services Program.

Then, you may either: 1) download the application, complete it electronically (on-screen), print, then send by fax or 2) download and print the application, complete it by hand, then send by postal mail. Both fax number and postal address are inside the forms below:

To contact the WSD Volunteer Coordinator, either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (936) 291-5357


Volunteering stories that may interest you:

Literacy Highland Lakes Receives Criminal Justice Volunteer Award - Literacy Highland Lakes received an award for volunteering its literacy services to female inmates at the Ellen Halbert Unit in Burnet during the Governor’s 2014 Criminal Justice Volunteer ceremony in Austin on April 17.

Women's Storybook Project - Simple idea with big impact allows mothers to connect with children.

Literacy Highland Lakes Receives Governor's 2014 Criminal Justice Volunteer Award - During ceremonies in Austin, Sally May of Granite Shoals accepted the Governor’s 2014 Criminal Justice Volunteer “Judy Burd – Windham School District” Award on behalf of Literacy Highland Lakes. For 27 years, this 501(c)(3) volunteer-based non-profit group has conducted GED classes at the Ellen Halbert Unit in Burnet, Texas.

TDCJ Public Information Office - Austin woman receives 2013 Governor’s Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award - Judith Dullnig was presented the Governor's 2013 Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award today in recognition of her dedication to helping offenders incarcerated within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

TDCJ Public Information Office - Manvel Woman receives 2012 Governor's Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award - Carolyne Fox of Manvel was presented the Governor's 2012 Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award in recognition of her dedication in helping offenders incarcerated within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Success Stories

Success Story IconNEW - Education taught me... - "Education taught me how to think and analyze problems, which helps me daily in my current employment."

Success Story IconInspiration Success Story -
"You are inspiring people you haven’t even met!"

Success Story Icon NEW - I learned to change my perspective - "It’s the education I learned in Cognitive Intervention class that changed me. I learned to change my perspective."

Success Story IconNEW - I had given up on myself - "I could barely read or write and didn’t even realize I had given up on myself… a great teacher from WSD taught me how to believe in myself..."

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