WSD - Windham School District

Teachers from the Formby, Wheeler and Tulia Units organized Windham's first "Around The World" cultural project.

Around the World Project Information

Windham School District's transition to distance learning methods has motivated our educational staff to develop innovative lesson plans and create unique activity projects to boost student morale and encourage learners to remain focused on studies outside of the typical classroom environment.

Participating students teamed up in groups to actively study a country of their choice and gain insight on cultural awareness while practicing effective research methods. The end goal of the project was creating a tri-fold poster to display information acquired and present positive perspectives on countries around the world during these unprecedented times. Throughout the course of the project, students utilized organizational, spatial, focused reading, writing and math skills to productively achieve assignment objectives.

Teachers and educational staff from each unit safely transferred crafting materials for student usage and provided guided instruction in distance learning packets. As shown in the images provided, students did a phenomenal job on their presentations.

We are incredibly proud of both students and educators for their continuous commitment to educational excellence during COVID 19