WSD Policy Manual - Board Adopted Policies

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OP = Operating Procedures | BP = Board Adopted Policies | SD = Superintendent's Directives
WSD Policy Manual (All Policies)

Administrative Leave
7.53Administrative LeaveDec. 12, 2019
Administrative Salary Plan
7.06 3Administrative Salary PlanSep. 01, 2017
At Will Employment
7.39At Will EmploymentNov. 30, 2012
Compensatory Time
7.12Compensatory TimeApr. 17, 2015
District Technical Education Teaching Permit
7.57District Technical Education Teaching PermitAug. 25, 2017
Drug-Free Workplace
7.45Drug-Free WorkplaceSep. 12, 1996
Employee Grievance Procedures
7.26Employee Grievance ProceduresDec. 12, 2013
Employee Personnel File
7.03Employee Personnel FileMar. 12, 1998
Employee-Offender Relationships
7.56Employee-Offender RelationshipsOct. 15, 2015
Employment of Personnel
7.01Employment of PersonnelMar. 24, 2000
Equal Employment Opportunity
7.52Equal Employment OpportunityJun. 24, 2016
Family and Medical Leave
7.48Family and Medical LeaveApr. 17, 2015
Investment Policy
11.12Investment PolicyOct. 31, 2019
Leaves and Absences
7.11Leaves and AbsencesApr. 17, 2015
Locality Supplement Plan
7.06 2Locality Supplement PlanSep. 01, 2017
Military Leave
7.54Military LeaveApr. 17, 2015
7.42NepotismDec. 12, 2019
Paraprofessional Salary Plan
7.06 5Paraprofessional Salary PlanSep. 01, 2017
Performance Evaluations and Professional Development Appraisal System
7.18Performance Evaluations and Professional Development Appraisal SystemJun. 29, 2018
Principal Trainee
7.41Principal TraineeMar. 12, 1998
Professional Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary
7.44Professional Standards of Conduct and DisciplinaryOct. 10, 2013
Reduction in Force
7.51Reduction in ForceApr. 8, 2011
Salary Schedules 2017-2018
7.06Salary Schedules 2017-2018Sep. 01, 2017
Selection of Personnel
7.37Selection of PersonnelMar. 12, 1998
Sexual Harassment
7.40Sexual HarassmentFeb. 21, 2014
Sexual Misconduct with Offenders
7.15Sexual Misconduct with OffendersOct. 15, 2015
Sick Leave Pool
7.49Sick Leave PoolApr. 17, 2015
Stipend Plan
7.06 6Stipend PlanSep. 01, 2017
Student Eligibility for Windham School District Programs
8.01Student Eligibility for Windham School District ProgramsApr. 20, 2018
Support Salary Plan
7.06 4Support Salary PlanSep. 01, 2017
Teacher / Librarian Salary Plan
7.06 1Teacher / Librarian Salary PlanSep. 01, 2017
Term Contract Employment
7.05Term Contract EmploymentOct. 09, 2014
5.00The ECHODec. 10, 2015
Windham School District
3.00Windham School DistrictDec. 09, 2011
WSD Board of Trustees Responsibilities
2.00WSD Board of Trustees Responsibilities Jun 29, 2018
WSD Superintendent Qualifications, Selection
3.01WSD Superintendent Qualifications, SelectionDec. 9, 2011
WSD Superintendent Responsibiities and Authority
3.02WSD Superintendent Responsibiities and AuthorityOct 9, 2014

Success Stories

Success Story IconNEW - I’m so grateful I took welding -
"I’m so grateful I took welding; I’ve come so far in my career because the things I was taught in that program".

Success Story IconCognitive Intervention Success Story -
"I graduated from Cognitive Intervention and the course has had a major impact on me and my behavior".

Success Story IconNEW - I had given up on myself - "I could barely read or write and didn’t even realize I had given up on myself… a great teacher from WSD taught me how to believe in myself..."

Success Story IconFormer Windham student becomes successful electrician -
Garrett Stanley, a wonderful story of success in life after incarceration.


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Teach for WSD

WSD in Images

Offenders often experience academic success for the first time in a Windham classroom.
Texas State Board of Education Chair Barbara Cargill congratulates GED recipients during Spring, 2014, ceremonies. “I am very impressed with the program and with the commitment of the staff and teachers,” she said.
An offender at the Polunsky Unit prepares for graduation after earning his GED through the Windham School District.
Vocational and academic skills are integrated in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, such as this Small Engine Repair class in Huntsville, Texas.
Female offenders in Gatesville, Texas, study to improve their literacy skills during a WSD academic class.
Students at the Huntsville “Walls” Unit strengthen writing skills during a literacy class.

Former Student Survey