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WSD Policy Manual (All Policies)

Administration of Principal Salary Levels
7.60Administration of Principal Salary LevelsJun. 24, 2020
11.04BudgetingDec. 11, 2014
Career and Technical Education
8.02Career and Technical EducationNov. 19, 2018
Class-Size Requirements
9.19Class-Size RequirementsOct. 16, 2014
Control of Physical Property
11.08Control of Physical PropertyOct. 8, 2014
Custodian of Records
3.04Custodian of RecordsJul. 22, 2013
Educational Achievement Testing
10.02Educational Achievement TestingJun. 23, 2015
Electronic and Facsimile Public Information
3.03Electronic and Facsimile Public InformationMay 14, 2015
Employee Bonuses and Stipends
7.50Employee Bonuses and StipendsApr. 7, 2017
Employee Dress Code and Grooming
7.16Employee Dress Code and GroomingApr. 25, 2018
Employee Training and Staff Development
7.13Employee Training and Staff DevelopmentMay 28, 2014
General Educational Development (GED) Testing
10.03General Educational Development (GED) TestingFeb. 4, 2010
Graduation Ceremonies
10.04Graduation CeremoniesJan. 23, 2019
Information Resources Acceptable Use
10.14Information Resources Acceptable UseMar. 8, 2011
Information Resources Security
10.13Information Resources SecurityNov. 9, 2015
Information Resources Services
10.15Information Resources ServicesJan. 9, 2012
Library Services
8.09Library ServicesAug. 14, 2018
Literacy Program
8.03Literacy ProgramOct. 11, 2016
Multiple Employments with the State
7.33Multiple Employments with the StateJun. 20, 2014
News Media Relations
5.01News Media RelationsJul. 1, 2015
Offender Workers in Education
9.17Offender Workers in EducationNov. 19, 2012
Performance Evaluations and Professional Development Appraisal System
7.18Performance Evaluations and Professional Development Appraisal SystemApr. 17, 2015
Policies and Procedures System
3.05Policies and Procedures SystemAug. 24, 2016
Re-Employment and Selection of Retirees
7.17Re-Employment and Selection of RetireesApr. 17, 2015
Records Management
10.10Records ManagementDec. 19, 2013
Resignation or Retirement
7.08Resignation or RetirementApr. 6, 2017
Responsibilities of the Teacher
9.01Responsibilities of the TeacherOct. 26, 2016
Site Based Decision Making
9.22Site Based Decision MakingOct. 19, 2016
Special Education Program
8.04Special Education ProgramJan. 20, 2015
Specialized Skills course and Apprenticeship Employment Agreements
7.47Specialized Skills course and Apprenticeship Employment AgreementsJan. 5, 2017
Student Attendance Accounting
9.02Student Attendance AccountingJul. 1, 2015
Substitute Teachers
7.32Substitute TeachersOct. 10, 2014
Teacher Applicant Referral
7.55Teacher Applicant ReferralJan. 19, 2016
Textbook Regulations
10.01Textbook RegulationsSep. 21, 2010
Title 1, Part D, Subpart 1 - Prevention and Intervention for Children and Youth Who are Neglected, Delinquent, or At Risk - State Agency Programs
8.05Title 1, Part D, Subpart 1 - Prevention and Intervention for Children and Youth Who are Neglected, Delinquent, or At Risk - State Agency ProgramsSep. 12, 2016
Title II, Part A: Improving Teacher Quality
8.07Title II, Part A: Improving Teacher QualityOct. 11, 2016
Use of Education Facilities
11.13Use of Education FacilitiesNov. 29, 2012
Vehicle Operation
7.22Vehicle OperationMay 18, 2016
Withdrawing Offenders from Education Programs
9.18Withdrawing Offenders from Education ProgramsJul. 24, 2014

Success Stories

Success Story Icon NEW - Tools to change my own life - "What can I say about Autobrakes? I guess I need to start by saying it's one of the best classes I have ever taken!"

Success Story IconEducation changed my life -
"These opportunities [GED® classes or learning a trade] are great, but WSD is so much more than that; for me it was a change of life."

Success Story IconPolunsky Unit Success Story -
"He [Mr. Leblanc] taught me things that even the guys rebuilding transmissions for many years didn't know."

Success Story IconNEW - Making a positive impact - "I am very excited to be learning a new trade and to be securing employment for myself in the 'real world.'"


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Offenders often experience academic success for the first time in a Windham classroom.
Auto specialization students in a West Texas prison learn auto maintenance skills, preparing themselves for future employment as professional mechanics.
Students at the Huntsville “Walls” Unit strengthen writing skills during a literacy class.
An offender at the Polunsky Unit prepares for graduation after earning his GED through the Windham School District.
Vocational and academic skills are integrated in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, such as this Small Engine Repair class in Huntsville, Texas.
Female offenders in Gatesville, Texas, study to improve their literacy skills during a WSD academic class.

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