Message from Board Chairman Dale Wainwright

Message from Board Chairman Dale Wainwright

Chairman Dale Wainwright 

Under the capable leadership of Windham Superintendent Dr. Clint Carpenter, WSD employees have made ambitious and successful efforts to improve operations and student performance.

  • Last school year (SY 2014-2015) was highlighted with the introduction of cost-effective methods to deliver educational content and expansion of the vocational training opportunities for offender students. The Windham Career and Technical Educational program teachers have increased the number of industry-recognized and endorsed certifications, offering students relevant training for successful employment upon release.
  • During this past fiscal year several large employers have partnered with Windham, providing technical advice and guidance to students. Ultimately, these same employers are more likely to hire former offenders upon their release from supervision. The positive impact of these partnerships is underscored by increased offender interest in obtaining employable skill sets and employer interest in the offender’s positive change. By reaching out to both public and private entities to strengthen WSD efforts, Windham is fostering long-lasting relationships that will help transform lives for generations to come. 
  • WSD employees continue to improve the effectiveness of their operation, and are making great strides toward meeting the challenges associated with teaching multiple education levels within the same classroom. Their professionalism and hard work, combined with their compassion and a desire to help others, continue to make a positive difference for all Texans.

WSD and its employees have earned my respect and appreciation for their services to this great state.

Dale Wainwright

Hon. Dale Wainwright

Chairman, Windham School District Board of Trustees


(Reprinted from recently-released WSD Annual Report 2014-2015)