FAQs for Records Office

GED certificates are issued online by the Texas Education Agency. You can request a duplicate GED certificate for a $5 fee or a letter of verification at no cost at http://tea.texas.gov/GED.html.

Complete the RECORDS REQUEST FORM and submit it to the WSD Records Office. If you passed the GED, we can provide your scores and possibly can also provide information that will allow you to locate your certificate online.

Duplicate Windham vocational certificates of completion are available. Records can be provided if you did not complete the course. Complete the appropriate section of the RECORDS REQUEST FORM and submit it to the WSD Records Office.

Windham does not issue college transcripts.Please contact the registrar’s office at the college you attended.  If you do not know which college it was, contact the Windham Records Office at (936) 291-4692 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ask for the college name.

Complete the appropriate section of the RECORDS REQUEST FORM and submit it to the WSD Records Office.

Duplicates of these certificates are not available.  However, we will gladly provide the records we have on file for you showing your hours of participation in any of these programs.  Complete the appropriate section of the RECORDS REQUEST FORM and submit it to the WSD Records Office.

If you need your CHANGES/Drug Education Certificate information for the purpose of getting your driver’s license reinstated, please access the form here

You or an employer can look up your certification information at www.nccer.org. You can also contact the National Center for Construction Education and Research at the following address or phone number to request your certification information:    

     13614 Progress Blvd.
     Alachua, FL 32615
     Phone: 888-622-3720
     Fax: 386-518-6303

If you were released before receiving your NCCER certificate and it has not been mailed to you, contact Career and Technology Education at 936-291-4621.

Contact the following to request your records:

     VGI Training
     1156 107th St.
     Arlington, TX 76011
     Phone: (817) 640-8333 X210

Records can be obtained only by sending a release signed by the student or by subpoena. The student can complete the appropriate sections of the RECORDS REQUEST FORM and submit it to the WSD Records Office, or subpoenas can be delivered to the following:

Physical Address                Mailing Address                 Fax Number
Windham School District     Windham School District     (936) 291-5344
Records Office                   Records Office                   Records Office
804 2821 West                   P.O. Box 40
Huntsville, TX 77320           Huntsville, TX 77342

Windham’s Policy 10.09-B states, “For WSD purposes, a high school diploma is defined as graduation from a high school accredited by a WSD-recognized accrediting agency.” If the student did not graduate from a high school accredited by a WSD-recognized accrediting agency, which includes agencies with standards similar to those of the Texas Education Agency, he/she is required to attend class to work toward a GED which will be accepted by most colleges or potential employers.

Success Stories

Success Story IconNEW - I now have a good job - "My Windham teachers showed patience, effort, and kindness; they were very helpful"

Success Story Icon NEW - Learning equals possibilities - "Being incarcerated since I was young, I have had my share of trials and struggles. But knowing every morning that I may..."

Success Story IconNEW - I can now make a living. I’m free - "The welding program helped me build character. Mr. Perry taught me how to talk like a welder..."

Success Story IconNEW - I’m so grateful I took welding -
"I’m so grateful I took welding; I’ve come so far in my career because the things I was taught in that program".


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Teach for WSD

WSD in Images

WSD’s Business and Image Management & Multimedia (BIMM) class offers students the opportunity to learn viable graphic arts and computer skills, helping them prepare for jobs after release.
Each day WSD correctional educators pass through prison gates across Texas to work with men and women incarcerated within TDCJ.
Auto specialization students in a West Texas prison learn auto maintenance skills, preparing themselves for future employment as professional mechanics.
Offenders often experience academic success for the first time in a Windham classroom.
Vocational and academic skills are integrated in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, such as this Small Engine Repair class in Huntsville, Texas.
Texas State Board of Education Chair Barbara Cargill congratulates GED recipients during Spring, 2014, ceremonies. “I am very impressed with the program and with the commitment of the staff and teachers,” she said.

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