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OP = Operating Procedures | BP = Board Adopted Policies | SD = Superintendent's Directives

Application for Reasonable Workplace Accommodations
7.01 2.6 Application for Reasonable Workplace AccommodationsOP
Absence From Duty Report
7.11 1.6.1Absence From Duty ReportSep. 3, 1996OP
11.05AccountingDec. 4, 2014OP
Administrative Leave
7.53Administrative LeaveDec. 9, 2016BP
7.53Administrative LeaveJan. 18, 2017OP
Administrative Salary Plan
7.06 3Administrative Salary PlanSep. 01, 2017BP
Application for Conference Attendance
7.21 4Application for Conference AttendanceOP
At Will Employment
7.39At Will EmploymentNov. 30, 2012BP
Bereavement Leave Request
7.11 6Bereavement Leave RequestMar. 21, 2006OP
11.04BudgetingDec. 11, 2014SD
Career and Technical Education
8.02Career and Technical EducationJul. 2, 2014OP
8.02Career and Technical EducationOct. 5, 2010SD
Chain of Command
7.14Chain of CommandFeb. 16, 2017OP
Changing Habits and Achieving New Goals to Employer Success (CHANGES) Program 3
8.16Changing Habits and Achieving New Goals to Employer Success (CHANGES) Program 3Feb. 8, 2017OP
Chapter 19, Texas Education code: Schools in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice
1.00Chapter 19, Texas Education code: Schools in the Texas Department of Criminal JusticeAug. 15, 2017OP
Class-Size Requirements
9.19Class-Size RequirementsOct. 16, 2014SD
Classroom Interruptions
9.08Classroom InterruptionsApr. 21, 2011OP
Cognitive Intervention Program
8.14Cognitive Intervention ProgramAug. 29, 2017OP
Compensatory Time
7.12Compensatory TimeApr. 17, 2015BP
7.12Compensatory TimeSep. 23, 2015OP
Conference Travel
7.21Conference TravelMay 17, 2012OP
Control of Physical Property
11.08Control of Physical PropertyOct. 8, 2014SD
Copyright Guidelines
8.20Copyright GuidelinesMar. 8, 2011OP
Custodian of Records
3.04Custodian of RecordsJul. 22, 2013SD
District Technical Education Teaching Permit
7.57District Technical Education Teaching PermitAug. 25, 2017BP
Drug-Free Workplace
7.45Drug-Free WorkplaceSep. 12, 1996BP
Education Verification Process
10.09Education Verification ProcessNov. 30, 2010OP
Educational Achievement Testing
10.02Educational Achievement TestingJun. 23, 2015SD
Educational Good Conduct Time Credit
10.12Educational Good Conduct Time CreditNov. 29, 2010OP
Electronic and Facsimile Public Information
3.03Electronic and Facsimile Public InformationMay 14, 2015SD
Employee Benefits
7.24Employee BenefitsJul. 1, 1989OP
Employee Bonuses and Stipends
7.50Employee Bonuses and StipendsApr. 7, 2017SD
Employee Dress Code and Grooming
7.16Employee Dress Code and GroomingDec. 8, 2014SD
Employee Grievance Procedures
7.26Employee Grievance ProceduresDec. 12, 2013BP
Employee Lateral Transfers and Voluntary Demotions
7.29Employee Lateral Transfers and Voluntary DemotionsFeb. 23, 2016SD
Employee Orientation List
7.02 1Employee Orientation ListSep. 8, 2005OP
7.02 2Employee Orientation ListSep. 8, 2005OP
Employee Personnel File
7.03Employee Personnel FileMar. 12, 1998BP
Employee Status Pending Resolution of Criminal Charges
7.38Employee Status Pending Resolution of Criminal ChargesMar. 12, 1998OP
Employee Time and Effort Record
7.36Employee Time and Effort RecordMar. 25, 2016OP
Employee Training and Staff Development
7.13Employee Training and Staff DevelopmentJun. 6, 2014OP
7.13Employee Training and Staff DevelopmentMay 28, 2014SD
Employee-Offender Relationships
7.56Employee-Offender RelationshipsOct. 15, 2015BP
Employment of Personnel Attachment
7.01 1Employment of Personnel AttachmentMar. 24, 2000 OP
Employment of Personnel
7.01Employment of PersonnelMar. 24, 2000BP
English as a Second Language (ESL) Program
8.10English as a Second Language (ESL) ProgramOct. 30, 2009OP
Equal Employment Opportunity
7.52Equal Employment OpportunityJun. 24, 2016BP
Family and Medical Leave
7.48Family and Medical LeaveApr. 17, 2015BP
FMLA Employee Request For Leave Form
7.11 8.3FMLA Employee Request For Leave FormMar. 20, 2000OP
General Educational Development (GED) Testing
10.03General Educational Development (GED) TestingFeb. 4, 2010SD
Graduation Ceremonies
10.04Graduation CeremoniesJan. 23, 2019SD
Grant Application
8.22Grant ApplicationOct. 01, 2002OP
Guidance Program
8.17Guidance ProgramJun. 27, 2012OP
Hours of Duty
7.09Hours of DutyFeb. 2, 2017OP
Inclement Weather Procedures
9.16Inclement Weather ProceduresOct. 10, 1996OP
Inclement Weather
7.23Inclement WeatherMar. 2, 2015OP
Information Resources Acceptable Use
10.14Information Resources Acceptable UseMar. 8, 2011SD
Information Resources Security
10.13Information Resources SecurityNov. 9, 2015SD
Information Resources Services
10.15Information Resources ServicesJan. 9, 2012SD
Instructional Planning
9.05Instructional PlanningNov. 2, 2016OP
Instructional Technology
8.15Instructional TechnologySep. 1, 2010OP
Instructional Use of Audiovisual Media
9.20Instructional Use of Audiovisual MediaMar. 8, 2011OP
Inter-facilities Transfers
9.23Inter-facilities TransfersJul. 27, 2012OP
Investment Policy
11.12Investment PolicyOct. 19, 2017BP
Jury Duty Procedures
7.11 2.2.1Jury Duty ProceduresJun. 22, 2005OP
Leaves and Absences
7.11Leaves and AbsencesApr. 17, 2015BP
Letters of Commendation
7.19Letters of CommendationSep. 01, 1982OP
Library Services
8.09Library ServicesAug. 14, 2018SD
8.09Library ServicesNov. 16, 2017OP
Literacy Program
8.03Literacy ProgramOct. 11, 2016SD
Locality Supplement Plan
7.06 2Locality Supplement PlanSep. 01, 2017BP
Medical Certification Form For Employee
7.11 8.1Medical Certification Form For EmployeeOct. 2003OP
Medical Certification Form For Family Member
7.11 8.2Medical Certification Form For Family MemberOct. 2003OP
Military Leave
7.54Military LeaveApr. 17, 2015BP
Monthly Timesheet Form
7.31 1Monthly Timesheet FormJul. 15, 1991OP
Multiple Employments with the State
7.33Multiple Employments with the StateJun. 20, 2014SD
7.42NepotismAug. 22, 2014BP
New Employee Procedures
7.02New Employee ProceduresOct. 31, 1996OP
News Media Relations
5.01News Media RelationsJul. 1, 2015SD
9.21NewslettersJun. 1, 2011OP
Offender Tutor Program
8.11Offender Tutor ProgramSep. 27, 2010OP
Offender Workers in Education
9.17Offender Workers in EducationNov. 19, 2012SD
Paraprofessional Salary Guidelines
7.06 5.1Paraprofessional Salary GuidelinesDec. 02, 1996OP
Paraprofessional Salary Plan
7.06 5Paraprofessional Salary PlanSep. 01, 2017BP
Parenting & Family wellness Program
8.21Parenting & Family wellness ProgramNov. 6, 2015OP
Part-Time Personnel
7.31Part-Time PersonnelFeb. 24, 1983OP
Payment Procedures
11.09Payment ProceduresJan. 26, 2015OP
Performance Evaluations and Professional Development Appraisal System
7.18Performance Evaluations and Professional Development Appraisal SystemApr. 17, 2015SD
7.18Performance Evaluations and Professional Development Appraisal SystemJun. 29, 2018BP
Policies and Procedures System
3.05Policies and Procedures SystemAug. 24, 2016SD
Posted Position Selection Procedures
7.37 7Posted Position Selection ProceduresApr. 4, 2001OP
Principal Trainee
7.41Principal TraineeMar. 12, 1998BP
Professional Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary
7.44Professional Standards of Conduct and DisciplinaryOct. 10, 2013BP
11.06PurchasingFeb. 09, 1998OP
Re-Employment and Selection of Retirees
7.17Re-Employment and Selection of RetireesApr. 17, 2015SD
Records Management
10.10Records ManagementDec. 19, 2013SD
Reduction in Force
7.51Reduction in ForceApr. 8, 2011BP
Repair and Maintenance of School Facilities
11.11Repair and Maintenance of School FacilitiesFeb. 4, 2015OP
Repair of Equipment
11.10Repair of EquipmentAug. 29, 2012OP
Requirements for Visiting Supervisors
7.30Requirements for Visiting SupervisorsNov. 13, 1987OP
Resignation or Retirement
7.08Resignation or RetirementApr. 6, 2017SD
Resignation Report
7.08 1.1Resignation ReportOP
Responsibilities of the Teacher
9.01Responsibilities of the TeacherOct. 26, 2016SD
Safety in School Facilities
9.14Safety in School FacilitiesJan. 29, 2015OP
Salary Analysis Form
7.07 1Salary Analysis FormSep. 01, 1993OP
Salary Analysis
7.07Salary AnalysisSep. 01, 1986OP
Salary Schedules 2017-2018
7.06Salary Schedules 2017-2018Sep. 01, 2017BP
Selection of Personnel
7.37Selection of PersonnelMar. 12, 1998BP
Service Records
7.46Service RecordsFeb. 5, 2015OP
Sexual Harassment
7.40Sexual HarassmentFeb. 21, 2014BP
Sexual Misconduct with Offenders
7.15Sexual Misconduct with OffendersOct. 15, 2015BP
Sick Leave Pool
7.49Sick Leave PoolApr. 14, 2016OP
7.49Sick Leave PoolApr. 17, 2015BP
Site Based Decision Making
9.22Site Based Decision MakingOct. 19, 2016SD
Special Education Program
8.04Special Education ProgramJan. 20, 2015SD
Specialized Skills course and Apprenticeship Employment Agreements
7.47Specialized Skills course and Apprenticeship Employment AgreementsJan. 5, 2017SD
Stipend Plan
7.06 6Stipend PlanSep. 01, 2017BP
Student Attendance Accounting
9.02Student Attendance AccountingApr. 12, 2013OP
9.02Student Attendance AccountingJul. 1, 2015SD
Student Conduct
9.11Student ConductMay 4, 2011OP
Student Eligibility for Windham School District Programs
8.01Student Eligibility for Windham School District ProgramsApr. 20, 2018BP
8.01Student Eligibility for Windham School District ProgramsMar. 26, 2010OP
Student Participation Records
9.06Student Participation RecordsJul. 25, 2011OP
Substitute Teachers
7.32Substitute TeachersOct. 10, 2014SD
Support Salary Plan
7.06 4Support Salary PlanSep. 01, 2017BP
Tax Sheltered Annuity Agreement
7.24 4.4Tax Sheltered Annuity AgreementOP
Teacher / Librarian Salary Plan
7.06 1Teacher / Librarian Salary PlanSep. 01, 2017BP
Teacher Applicant Referral
7.55Teacher Applicant ReferralJan. 19, 2016SD
Term Contract Employment
7.05Term Contract EmploymentOct. 09, 2014BP
Textbook Regulations
10.01Textbook RegulationsSep. 21, 2010SD
10.01Textbook RegulationsSep. 27, 2010OP
5.00The ECHODec. 10, 2015BP
Title 1, Part D, Subpart 1 - Prevention and Intervention for Children and Youth Who are Neglected, Delinquent, or At Risk - State Agency Programs
8.05Title 1, Part D, Subpart 1 - Prevention and Intervention for Children and Youth Who are Neglected, Delinquent, or At Risk - State Agency ProgramsSep. 12, 2016SD
Title II, Part A: Improving Teacher Quality
8.07Title II, Part A: Improving Teacher QualityOct. 11, 2016SD
7.28TravelMay 16, 2014OP
Use of Education Facilities
11.13Use of Education FacilitiesNov. 29, 2012SD
Vehicle Operation
7.22Vehicle OperationMay 18, 2016SD
7.22Vehicle OperationMay 24, 2016OP
Volunteer Program
8.12Volunteer ProgramOct. 24, 2016OP
Warehousing and Shipping
11.07Warehousing and ShippingSep. 13, 2016OP
Windham School District Recreation Program Procedures Manual
13.00Windham School District Recreation Program Procedures ManualJun. 21, 2017OP
Windham School District
3.00Windham School DistrictDec. 09, 2011BP
Withdrawing Offenders from Education Programs
9.18Withdrawing Offenders from Education ProgramsJul. 24, 2014SD
9.18Withdrawing Offenders from Education ProgramsMay 13, 2014OP
WSD Board of Trustees Responsibilities
2.00WSD Board of Trustees Responsibilities Jun 29, 2018BP
WSD Organization Chart
6.00WSD Organization ChartFeb. 2019OP
WSD Superintendent Qualifications, Selection
3.01WSD Superintendent Qualifications, SelectionDec. 9, 2011BP
WSD Superintendent Responsibiities and Authority
3.02WSD Superintendent Responsibiities and AuthorityOct 9, 2014BP


BP - Board Adopted Policies
OP - Operating Procedures
SD - Superintendent’s Directives



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