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Our Vision

The vision of the Windham School District (Windham) is to empower students and transform lives through excellence in education. This is accomplished as a district by having a unified and purpose-driven team that uses effective and open communication. We will provide learners with a structured curriculum encompassing academic, career, and technical education and life skills through the use of differentiated instruction and instructional technology, leading to sustainable employment.

The Mission:

 The mission of Windham, in partnership with its stakeholders, is to provide quality educational opportunities.


The goals of the district in educating its students are to:

  1. reduce recidivism
  2. reduce the cost of confinement or imprisonment
  3. increase the success of former inmates [students] in obtaining and maintaining employment
  4. provide an incentive to inmates [students] to behave in positive ways during confinement or imprisonment.

Texas Education Code § 19.003

The Windham School District was established by the Texas Board of Corrections in 1969 and shall be known as the Windham School District, an entity that is separate and distinct from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The district may establish and operate schools at the various facilities of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Texas Education Code § 19.002