Academic Programs

Students are assigned to academic classes based on their individual achievement level as demonstrated on the Tests for Adult Basic Education (TABE®). Subjects covered include: reading, math, language, science, social studies, civics and workplace readiness. Academic classes are offered to students with various needs from literacy to those students working toward earning a high school equivalency (HSE) certificate.

After earning an HSE certificate, the campus principal schedules graduation ceremonies to recognize this accomplishment. All graduates wear caps and gowns, and individuals on the student’s approved visitation list may attend. Students under the age of 26 may qualify to enroll in coursework to earn a standard high school diploma (HSD). Those eligible for the high school program must meet age, academic level and custody requirements.

Academic I, II, III

Windham’s academic program provides adult basic education for students functioning below the sixth-grade level and secondary level adult education for those who are working toward earning an HSE certificate.

Based on individual achievement, students are assigned to beginning (Academic I), intermediate (Academic II) or advanced (Academic III) level classes. Academic classes are competency-based and operate on a 12-month scholastic year. Students generally attend academic classes three hours per day. Understanding the wide range of learning needs, learning styles, prerequisite skills and interests of their students, literacy teachers provide differentiated instruction using a variety of teaching strategies.

Academic teachers also work collaboratively with career and technical education teachers to promote workplace competencies and learning in real-world contexts. In all programs, emphasis is placed on the skills that employers demand, such as personal qualities, cultural sensitivity/tolerance, teamwork, decision making and problem solving.

Computer-Assisted Instruction (CAI) labs are available at most campuses, providing opportunities for diagnostic, prescriptive, computer-based instruction using educational software to support and enhance the academic program.

High School Program

Windham’s high school program serves men and women at two campuses. The Matthew Gaines High School (MGHS) is located within the Ferguson campus in Midway, and the Jovita González de Mireles (Mireles) High School is located within the Woodman campus in Gatesville. Both programs provide the opportunity for eligible students to earn their standard high school diploma (HSD). In addition, Windham partners with postsecondary institutions to provide students with the opportunity to concurrently earn high school and college credit. All Windham high school teachers are State Board of Education certified and work diligently to help students earn their HSE with confidence and pride.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Windham provides programming for eligible students who exhibit limited English proficiency. A language assessment is administered to determine a student’s level of proficiency in English.

Students who demonstrate a significant lack of English proficiency are recommended for placement in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program. Certified ESL teachers provide intensive instruction in English language development, reading and writing.

Additional Services

The Special Education program provides services in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), for students who are under the age of 22. Read more…
The Title I program provides students under 22 years of age educational opportunities with the goal of earning an HSE certificate or high school diploma. Read more…