Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) department works diligently to support all district employees. By incorporating innovative strategies, HR staff members are able to enhance existing approaches and implement updated methods for recruitment, talent management, employee selections, position classification, compensation and benefits and employee relations. Contact the Human Resources department at 936-291-5321

Application & Job Listings

If you are interested in applying for a position within Windham, you will need to submit an application through the TalentEd website​ or vacant job positions can be found here.  

It is important that the email for the application is unique to you and is not used by another applicant or employee. 

You must apply for each specific job listing.  This also applies to Windham employees who are interested in a job listing. 

Application support is available directly through the TalentEd website and their support team.

  • Click here for the Application Support website
  • Support phone number: 877.974.7437
  • Please call only after first utilizing the support website

Service Records FAQs

It is your responsibility to request the service record from your former school district or institution in order to get credit for salary placement purposes.

If you were employed in a Texas public school, contact the Human Resources department of the former school district and request that the original service record is mailed to you at your home address or other mailing address.

For all other schools/institutions, such as out-of-state schools, we will provide you with an Out of State Record Form or a Verification of Accreditation Form for you to mail to the former school/institution to complete. If employment was at the college or university level, then both the Teacher Experience Report and the College Verification form are required to be completed and submitted for review.

Windham School District requires original service records. A copy will only be accepted in place of the original if the copy has a notary seal/stamp from the former school district or has the school district seal. Email copies will also be accepted as long as they come from the District Human Resource Office.