Windham School District (Windham) composes reports annually for a variety of purposes. Each report serves a unique purpose in featuring, assessing and communicating the mission of Windham. Below you will find the most recent reports, and archived reports, encompassing district highlights, goals, programs and more.

Apr 2021-2022

The Annual Performance Report (APR), in accordance with Chapter 19, Section 19.010 of the Texas Education Code, is generated each year and reflects the prior school year. Highlighted in the APR are items including, but not limited to, robust programs available through Windham, success stories of district alumni, department descriptions and staff awards. Download high resolution

rider 6 report
January 2023

In accordance with House Bill 1, Article III-7, Rider 6, the Rider 6 Response covers recidivism rates, employment rates, the attainment of High School equivalency (HSE) certificates, high school diplomas, professional certifications and adult education literacy levels. The Program Evaluation Report, in accordance with Chapter 19, Section 19.0041 of the Texas Education Code, reports the effectiveness of Windham programs.

Biennial program Evaluation
january 2023

To evaluate the effectiveness of its programs, the Windham School District shall compile and analyze information for each of its programs, including performance-based information and data related to academic, career and technical education training and life skills programs.  


The Windham Strategic Plan presents goals and strategies to be addressed by the district in the next five years beginning with fiscal year 2020. These goals and strategies serve as the foundation for the District Improvement Plan and Campus Improvement Plans.