Industry Leaders Tour Texas Correctional Education Program

Huntsville, TX — On June 7, 2023, representatives from Ron Hoover RV & Marine toured  Windham School District’s (Windham) Recreational Vehicle (RV) Service Technician program,  located at the Woodman campus in Gatesville. Windham campuses are located in Texas  Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) facilities. The district is responsible for providing educational opportunities in high-demand fields to men and women who will rejoin our Texas  communities and workforce following incarceration. Prior to the tour, three women who recently  completed the RV program participated in a formal job interview in preparation for their  upcoming community reentry. This campus visit allowed the opportunity to further explore a potential partnership between Windham and Ron Hoover RV & Marine. 

“Windham School District values our partnerships with employers across the state,” Windham  Superintendent Kristina J. Hartman said. “Employment partnerships not only prepare our  students for success within high-demand industries, but in turn, they allow Windham graduates to contribute to and elevate the Texas workforce with qualified, hardworking employees.” Following the interviews, the Ron Hoover RV & Marine representatives visited with the women  currently enrolled in the RV Service Technician program, touring their facility and reviewing  equipment the students use to apply skills learned in the classroom. This was an opportunity for  students to showcase their knowledge to professionals within the industry and learn important  career aspects that better help prepare them for their futures. Students presented class projects  and relevant course equipment, such as an RV refrigerator, that they use as part of their course  instruction.  

“When a prestigious employer such as Ron Hoover RV & Marine is willing to send three upper  management employees to speak to our students, they are doing more than encouraging them,  they are serving as a true catalyst for lasting change in these individuals’ lives,” Sumer  Shropshire, Windham Women’s Program Specialist said. “The women see that there is not only  hope for employment, but a lasting and gainful career.” 

Within Windham’s RV Service Technician program, students diagnose, inspect, adjust and repair  recreational vehicles, including travel trailers. Students examine and test the operation of parts or  systems to ensure completeness of repairs and inspect recreational vehicles to diagnose problems  and perform necessary adjustments. Some aspects of the course include propane safety and  

propane system testing, inspection of body structure and chassis and performance checks of  appliances and generators. Students that complete this program will earn their RV Service  Technician Level One certification, allowing them to kickstart their career in the RV and Service  Tech industry.  

“It is amazing to see the women come to life when given an opportunity to have a conversation  with industry professionals and demonstrate their knowledge and skills,” Ms. Shropshire said.  “They are proud of their accomplishments, encouraged about their futures and grateful for the  opportunities presented by Windham and our community partners.” 

Windham has established partnerships with a multitude of state agencies, postsecondary  institutions and businesses to enhance opportunities for students across the district. These  partnerships are centered around collaboration, progress and student accomplishment. The  district works closely with its partners to identify industry needs and, in turn, ensures course  instruction and material is current with the latest industry standards. Windham equips students  with the opportunity to network with potential employers and the tools necessary to succeed in 

their chosen career paths, while furthering the success of its partners and the Texas workforce,  overall.  


Windham School District (Windham) provides academic, career and technical education and life  skills programs to eligible students within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).  With 85 campuses located in TDCJ facilities across Texas, Windham strives to equip students  with the necessary education and skills to successfully reenter the workforce within their  communities. For media or partnership inquiries, please contact Danielle Nicholes,  Communications Administrator, at