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Windham School District Celebrates Second Chance Month

Huntsville, TX – As proclaimed by President Biden and Texas Governor Abbott, April 2023 is  Second Chance Month, a time to recognize individuals striving to make positive changes during  and following incarceration. Windham School District (Windham), a nongeographical district  operating schools in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ), supports this month-long  celebration with staff, community members, district students and alumni.  

“Windham is proud to celebrate and honor our students that are cultivating success upon  returning to our Texas communities and those who are working hard by engaging in positive  program opportunities during incarceration to pave the way for better futures,” Superintendent  Kristina J. Hartman said. “We will continue to celebrate and support our students on their  pathways to diplomas and certifications to ensure they are equipped with necessary tools and  resources to return to our Texas communities as productive citizens.”  

Windham offers a variety of robust programs dedicated to preparing students to rejoin the  workforce including academic, workforce, apprenticeship and life skills courses. During the  2021-2022 school year, 13,132 students completed Windham’s career and technical education  (CTE) training, earning industry-based certifications and demonstrating career readiness. These graduates demonstrate the characteristics of hardworking individuals, committed to securing,  maintaining and advancing employment opportunities.  

In collaboration with TDCJ and Texas colleges, Windham has participated in Skills  Demonstration and Career Expo events to provide students an opportunity to showcase their  skills to potential employers. These events give businesses and organizations the chance to  witness firsthand the quality work skills these students have acquired, speak with Windham and  TDCJ leadership about second chance employment and interview students. In addition,  Windham collaborates with businesses to refer eligible students who are trained in the respective  industries for employment consideration. During their time in the correctional environment,  students gain key skills and attributes, such as time management and constructive guidance,  preparing them for workforce conditions. Second chance employment is critical to projecting  success, and Windham is dedicated to messaging the benefits of hiring skilled and talented  students following reentry.  

Magnifying student successes as they embark on their second chance journey is imperative. In  the month of April, Windham celebrates Second Chance Month by highlighting student  successes, featured in the latest Windham Annual Performance Report, across its social media  platforms. The district is looking forward to hosting its second panel consisting of former  students and district leadership, generating discussion on their second chance ventures while  highlighting challenges and successes. Windham is proud to continue to invite alumni to staff  conferences and graduations hosted at its campuses, furthering outreach and motivation to  current students across all district programs.  

“Each year, during Second Chance Month, the Windham School District recognizes the  importance of helping students with their safe and successful reentry back into society,” Professional Development Administrator Mario Cotton said. “The district is dedicated to

supporting students who are committed to making meaningful contributions to their  communities.” 

Second Chance Month is an opportunity to highlight the progress and growth along with the  support needed that leads to cultivating positive futures for themselves, their families and our  communities. Windham is proud to support these students by messaging their efforts in the  month of April and throughout the year. 


Windham School District (Windham) provides academic, career and technical education and life  skills programs to eligible individuals within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).  We serve a unique population of individuals who are incarcerated and working towards  completing educational goals and others who need technical training and soft skills to better  equip them for the future. With 85 campuses located in TDCJ facilities across Texas, Windham strives to prepare students with the necessary education and skills to successfully reenter the  workforce within their communities. For media or partnership inquiries, please contact Danielle  Nicholes, Communications Administrator, at