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Annual Performance Report SY20 (2019-2020)

Annual Performance Report SY20 (2019-2020)

Thanks to your support, the Windham School District (WSD) is innovating within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ). ~ Kristina J. Hartman, Ed. S. Superintendent

Thanks to your support, the Windham School District (WSD) is innovating within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).

The Windham School District serves incarcerated students and Texas communities by preparing students to return to the workforce as skilled, productive individuals with real opportunities for success, both socially and professionally. The onset of COVID-19 presented both challenges and opportunities for growth in the correctional education environment, and demonstrated the resiliency and commitment of both our educators and students.

WSD increases partnerships to support student employment. WSD continues to gain support from multiple stakeholders to ensure student success. During the school year, regular meetings were held with the Texas Workforce Commission, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation and Texas Department of Criminal Justice to identify process improvements and data-sharing opportunities to support reentry and immediate employment of returning citizens. These interactions have resulted in open dialogue and identified opportunities to better support Texas businesses.

WSD expands apprenticeship opportunities. Applying skills training to real-world employment for both women and men was supported by increased opportunities to engage in apprenticeships. Career and technical education training opportunities are robust within WSD and result in national or third-party industry-recognized certifications. The addition of apprenticeship programs and On-the-Job Learning (OJL) hours within the many different divisions of TDCJ allow students to practice, learn and implement the training skills in an everyday work experience. These skills/OJL hours are approved standards by the Department of Labor with recognized industries. Students apply apprenticeship hours earned while incarcerated and transfer these hours to outside programs to satisfy occupational licensing and certificate requirements.

WSD supports students during COVID-19. During COVID-19 protocols, the WSD enhanced communication with administrators and principals from our 88 campuses, increased social media presence and assessed district needs by administering staff and student surveys and interest inventories. Through a unique collaboration with TDCJ, WSD was able to continue supporting students via distance learning with individualized lessons and library books during Texas school closures, followed by implementation of a hybrid model of instruction with small groups of students. Completion of courses required by the Board of Pardons and Paroles, assessments associated with career and technical education skills and certifications, literacy level advancements and high school equivalency exams remained a focus throughout the pandemic. WSD also recognized the necessity to increase appropriate technology in the correctional education setting and will implement these advances next school year to make this vision a reality.

WSD connects classroom to community. Windham is committed to investing in its students and inspiring them to shape their future by making their present relevant. WSD strives to instill a healthy student learning framework that transcends incarceration, expands horizons and strengthens families and communities!


Kristina J. Hartman, Ed.S.
Superintendent, Windham School District


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